Flickr Images

Capture of images of cycling in Ottawa
This is a taste of the images in my photo stream of Ottawa cycling images

Here is my Flickr photo stream with around 200 bike pictures from Ottawa, Canada, for everyone to use. If you use them in presentations or blogs or web sites, I would really appreciate you’d mention the source (being me obviously): “Urban Commuter Ottawa – Hans Moor”.

The total set

Cycling in Ottawa

Low resolution

The pics are uploaded in low resolution -around 100KB- so I can store more. Each picture has a brief description. Many of the pictures appeared in my blogs.

High resolution

If you need a high resolution JPG of an image for print, (the originals are all about 2.5 MB) leave a comment below. If possible, give me a few days notice. I have my images pretty well organised by date and occasion but I still rely mostly on memory for the exact location.


Here is the link to copy and paste, if the hyperlink doesn’t work for some reason:

One thought on “Flickr Images

  1. Great photo of the Navy Monument (The monument is on a peninsula called Richmond Landing in the Ottawa River. A gentle path slopes towards the monument.). Was wondering if I could get a high-res version to use! I can give you more details in an email. Thanks!


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