New website Hans on the Bike

After 6 years mooching off a free sub domain at WordPress, I finally thought it was time to build a new website under my own domain. I was able to export all content to the new site and enabled a new template. It is always more work then you think though, but I like the new template.

Despite a strong push from a number of directions to host at Bluehost, I felt I wanted to host the site in Canada. I found a place called Media-Hosts, that has its servers in Montreal, with a person in Ottawa to look after local businesses. It is refreshing to deal with someone in town instead of an offshore support centre that has a 24-48 hour turn around.

The site is fast. Also, not unimportant, hosting is cheap at CAD 3.33 a month for a modest site like mine. And no issues with exchange rates here too. Check out my new site and the other hosting rates and services here: Media-Hosts in Montreal.



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