Participants for focus group wanted

Ottawa based Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) might not be well known, but it is doing a lot of good work for traffic safety. For example, since May 2016 they are (co-) developing and promoting, a tool for safe and accessible bicycling.

The project is being conducted in partnership with the Spatial Pattern Analysis and Research Laboratory (SPAR) at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. The founder of the SPAR Lab, Dr. Trisalyn Nelson, led the development of the technology to capture more and better data on cycling safety.

This innovative spatial data collection and related dissemination tools are used to track crashes and near-misses to identify safer cycling routes and to promote healthy living. Thanks to funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada, the TIRF-SPAR team can now continue to develop and expand, and promote its use so that more Canadians can enjoy the health benefits of safe cycling.

The main objective of this project is to develop and use a technology to produce knowledge and data that can help make cycling safer for, and more accessible to, all Canadians.

Focus groups

Part of this project is a two focus group sessions with the objective to better understand public opinions about bicycling.

One group focusses on people who ride their bicycles often, the other group on those who do not ride a bicycle often. The first focus group gets together on December 15th, the second one on December 16th, from 6-8 pm. The best part is that TIRF provides refreshments and a $ 25 compensation.


Email Jennifer or Heather

You can also call toll free to 1 877 238 5235 or local 613 238 5235

Below an image for each of the two groups.

It doesn’t tell where the sessions take place. Check TIRF’s website here.

The flyer for those who bike often
The flyer for those who bike often
The flyer for those who don't bike
The flyer for those who don’t bike



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