Grocery Deliveries by E-Bike in Amsterdam

Albert Heijn (see note below) delivers groceries in downtown Amsterdam by bike. It is initially a pilot.

Pizzas, sushi and parcels are currently already delivered by bicycle in Amsterdam. Starting today part of the inhabitants of the city will also have groceries delivered by bicycle to their homes.The delivery bike can carry thirty full groceries crates. (see photo above)

The bicycle delivery person fills the bike with groceries in a warehouse on the outskirts of the city and then drives into town.

With electric power assist maneuvering is easy. Cars can easily pass the delivery bike which promotes good flow of traffic in the busy centre, so AH argues. Albert Heijn starts with one delivery bicycle and wants to have ten delivery bikes on the road in Amsterdam later this year.

Albert Heijn wants to make home delivery more environmentally friendly. In addition to the bicycle the nation’s grocer tests an electric delivery car in Amsterdam.

Note: Albert Heijn is more or less the Dutch ‘Metro’ or ‘Loblaws’



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